Frequently Asked Questions

What does Deer Run mean when it says it is vegan?

Harry and Jennifer are committed to living as compassionate a lifestyle as possible, in harmony with our environment.

Our food is prepared without the use of any animal products, or by-products. All products at Deer Run are cruelty free; without any animal ingredients or animal testing. There is no fishing, crabbing or lobstering from our property, no bait storage; no "catch" storage or cleaning on our premises.

What is the food like at Deer Run?

FABULOUS! We serve a sit down full breakfast daily at 8:30a. Many traditional foods are prepared using ingredient substitutions. We never tire of hearing "I can't believe this is vegan!"

I have a food allergy, or sensitivity. Can you feed me?

With proper notice, most allergies can be accommodated to some degree. Because Deer Run uses almost exclusively single ingredients in our food, we are able to provide full disclosure on all ingredients contained in our recipes. We can make substitutions when reasonably possible.

If you have extra ordinary concerns, you should call before making a reservation to see what, if anything, can be done to accommodate your special needs.

Deer Run cannot accommodate any non-vegan dietary concerns.

What about other meals?

Deer Run is located on the island of Big Pine, which has several restaurants within a 20-minute drive. We also have a supermarket on the island, several convenience stores for emergency items, and a wonderful health food store with a full service juice bar. Almost all places can accommodate vegans and vegetarians. There are even more restaurants on neighboring islands.

Deer Run has no cooking or grilling facilities our property or in the rooms.

Can I swim off your beach?

Deer Run is located oceanfront on the Atlantic. There is a vast tidal difference here. In order to swim at Deer Run, you will cross "flats" which is another word for shallows. Bring water shoes if you want to swim off our beach as the flats are uneven and have shells and other items all scatted about. Once you cross the flats, you'll be in a sandy bottom area, however it is not a lifeguarded beach. You must bring a dive flag (which we supply) with you if you swim, snorkel or dive off our beach.

We have beach passes to Bahia Honda for ocean swimming in a protected area.

Also, Deer Run has a medium size state of the art salt-water pool where you can float your cares away.

Can I smoke at Deer Run?

No. Smoking is not permitted anywhere at Deer Run, inside or out.

Can I drink at Deer Run?

You may bring what you want to drink (leave the blender at home please). Deer Run requires all guests drink responsibly; that guests do NOT drink and drive, and also reserves the right to eject any guest without refund, who behaves inappropriately under the influence of alcoholic beverages.

Do you have a boat ramp?

No. Deer Run does not have a boat ramp, or parking for boats. Guests who bring their own kayaks, kite boards and so forth can launch directly off our beach.

The Deer Run kayaks are launched directly from our beach.

Can I camp at Deer Run?


Can I bring my pet to Deer Run?

No. As much as we love animals and are advocates for animals, many people have allergies. Any guest who is found with a smuggled pet will be ejected, without refund.

Do you have pets at Deer Run?

Yes. Our companion animals never have access to any guest rooms, and they are not allowed out in the common breakfast area when guests are present.

There are many Key deer, and other animals on the property frequently so you won't feel too lonely while traveling without your pets. Also, for prospective guests with allergies, we have no control over the animals that roam on the grounds, so we advise those with profound allergies to bring appropriate medication.

Are you a clothing optional resort?

No. Proper attire is to be worn at all times.

Can I bring my children?

No. Deer Run is an adult oriented bed and breakfast; all persons must be 18 years of age or over.

Do you have a lot of mosquitoes?

Mosquito control in the Florida Keys is among the best in the country. We provide bottles of bug spray for guests who are sensitive or have a problem with pests. Bring Benadryl or other appropriate medication if you have a profound allergy. As with all Southern locales, gnats or other flying things may be around.

Do you host weddings?

Yes! Our location is among the most scenic and romantic in the Keys. Due to our small size, we cannot host reception events at Deer Run, or weddings with a large number of persons. If you are interested a wedding or commitment ceremony at Deer Run, please call to discuss.